Global Change Radio
Since its inception, radio has been used as a tool of change. The ability to broadcast a voice, or music, around the world thrust civilization into an era of global communication. From it earliest days, people have vied for control over the radio frequencies that could reach out into peoples' lives and touch the masses. With the advent of the Internet, people have been able to harness the power of "radio" like never before. This is Global Change Radio.

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Global Change Television
Using cutting-edge technology to bring forth cutting-edge concepts.

Global Change Music
Global Change Music lyrics speak of a Spiritualution—Justice to the People concept of a spiritual revolution (where spirituality means social action, not pious, hypocritical religiosity). The lyrics speak of taking action against any form of those injustices where the people are oppressed. Global Change Music promotes sustainable living, which includes growing your own organic food, building green, permaculture, sharing services and goods (trade and barter), and having a protective environmental consciousness. The music itself can be any genre, however, the musicians must live their message of national and international radical changes.

Global Change Media
Helping people bring their positive ideas and services to the world.

Global Community Communications Alliance
A Divine Administration, Alternative, New-Thought, Progressive, Jesusonian Community, New Millennium Church, EcoVillage, and Organic Gardens.